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Namaste, Manchester

We’re the yoga hub with soul


yoga soul

yoga soul is here to provide a platform and a home for you to take part in Manchester’s yogi community, to help you grow your yoga practice in a way that is significant to you.

yoga soul was a dream of two male Yogis with a strong affiliation and appreciation for Manchester and the people of the City. Located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, yoga soul has a variety of classes every day of the week, assuring there is something for everyone.

Meet the Team

William Mitchell and Samuel Nwokeka met on their first Yoga Teacher Training in GOA, India. Soon after being back in the UK they both realised that Manchester needed a hub for yoga.

Created by yogis for yogis, the door of yoga soul is open for all. Come and join the Soul of Manchester’s Yoga.

Both Will and Sammy are here for you, as are the rest of the team, to help, advise and generally be a friendly face for you to talk to.

Samuel Nwokeka

Samuel came to yoga after a skiing accident forced him to call time on his footballing days.

Samuel grew up in a small town near the Lake District, spending most of his childhood on a field with a ball between his feet. Whilst promising opportunities with Blackburn and Bolton academies surfaced, Samuel failed to take his career any further. Turning to academia, he spent 3 years in Manchester studying Accounting and Finance, leaving with a First-Class Honours. 9 Months later he made the leap to the big smoke for a job as a project manager in the banking sector.

Samuel was first introduced to yoga by his flatmate, who used to practice yoga on their balcony. After weeks of hesitation, he finally booked his first ever class in the form of Rocket yoga. Although he spent most of the class rolling around on the floor and looking in awe as others got into seemingly impossible poses, he was sold. It’s been nothing but a love story ever since.

Yoga is now Samuel’s number one passion, and his goal is to help others through the yoga practice. He believes whole heartedly that, while the physical aspects attract people, it is the mental and emotional benefits of yoga that keep people coming back to the mat.

William Mitchell

Will was first introduced to yoga through his then girlfriend, and did not know at the time what to expect.

Will has lived and worked in Manchester for most of his life, working in the hospitality and events industries, a career which he loved. As he grew into his late 20’s and early 30’s, regular yoga practice became a big a part of his life, offering an “escape” from late nights and long unsociable hours. Will started working at the yoga studio he spent so much of his time at, and quickly became a part of the amazing yoga community in the city centre.

After completing his teacher training and returning to Manchester, Will decided to combine his experience in hospitality and events with his love for yoga and the city of Manchester, and create a space for the people to come together on and off the mat.

After discussing his ideas with his friend and fellow teacher Samuel, the rest is history!
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