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Mandala Vinyasa Masterclass

4 weekends of workshops


Vinyasa Master classes

Sophie-Rae Samuel Nwokeka

February 23, 2020 1:00 pm - March 15, 2020 3:00 pm

yoga soul, 49a Newton Street, M1 1FT

Join Sophie-Rae and Samuel Nwokeka for a 4-week Mandala, Yin and Elemental workshops. These workshops will each be 2 hours long and will be focusing on a different Elemental from the Mayan Calendar each week.

The focus of these workshops is to delve deeper into our much-loved Mandala practices. We will be exploring not only more layered sequencing but also having the opportunity to break down some of the trickier transitions found in a Mandala flow as well as tapping into our own creative intuition when spiralling around the mat.

Workshops overview

There will be more time to move inward and explore our yin holds and what it really means to activate or harmonise our energy channels. Meditation and pranayama will be practice to bring us more towards to subtler parts of the practice and allow us space to really tune into elemental theory.


Throughout each workshop, we will also get a chance to look more closely into elemental typology and how this embeds in us as an individual, looking at not only the psychology of the theory but the energetic chakra energy centres that correspond.

This is a 4-week workshop to allow you to delve deeper. Whether you are a seasoned yogi, who is familiar with the mandala methodology, or a complete beginner, this is for you. We will breakdown the practice in order for us to layer upon its teachings, finding a moving meditative practice rooted in eastern and western philosophy.

You can join for 1 or all of the workshops.. each workshop is £25 (£20 for members) or join all 4 workshops for £80 (20% off for members)


Earth – 23rd Feb

Water – 1st March

Fire – 8th March

Air – 15th March

How to Book

To book a workshop or event, select your event from the schedule below and then click “Sign Up”.
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