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A Journey in Flexibility

Learn the tricks behind improving flexibility


in Flexibility

Kathryn Clark

May 3, 2020 1:30 pm - May 24, 2020 3:30 am

yoga soul, 49a Newton Street, Manchester, M1 1FT

 Yoga in the west has been synonymous with flexibility; whilst it is not necessary to practice yoga, flexibility and range of motion can help us in our daily lives too not just in our yoga practice.

Course Overview

This four-week course fuses yogic and proven technical approaches to increasing your flexibility. It weaves together a comprehensive range of flexibility work including yoga flows, solo and partner stretches, sports science-based PNF work, and passive and active flexibility exercises. Expect to practice at your level, working on and towards front and box spits, as well as increasing your back and shoulder flexibility and workshopping asanas such as king pigeon, wheel and dropbacks, and dancer’s pose among others.
It is open to all, whether you are already flexible and would like to tackle some of the more difficult bendy asanas, or whether you would simply like to touch your toes and alleviate back pain! Come and get flexible in a fun, inclusive and safe environment.

About your Teacher

Kat Clark is a professional aerial artist with a background in yoga, and flexibility training has been an essential ingredient in her work for over seven years. After a childhood spent riding horses in Australia, Kat was not naturally bendy, and has gained all of her flexibility as an adult, doing her first split at the age of 31.
After gaining her 200hr YTT with Power Living Australia in 2014, Kat has intensively trained with renowned contortionists including Australia’s Jacinta Rogan, Russia’s Yulia Remizova and the UK’s Pixie Le Knot. Since then, she has taken sincere joy in sharing what she knows, teaching flexibility workshops and classes in Dubai, Australia and in studios around the UK, as is accustomed to working with people of all ages and abilities

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