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Functional Anatomy Workshops

Learn more about limitations of your body in yoga

A Day of



Jamie Clarke

January 14, 2020 9:00 am - January 14, 2020 4:30 pm

yoga soul, 49a Newton Street, M1 1FT

Join Jamie Clarke of the yoga people for 1 or both anatomy workshops. Which will explore the differences in peoples bones and joints on how this affects the vinyasa yoga practice.

These workshops are aimed at teachers or prospective teachers who are looking to understand more about anatomy. These workshops can be bought together or separately

Morning Workshop: Enlightening the Hip Joint

In this 2.5 hour workshop we will take an exploratory look into two of Vinyasa Yoga’s -key Hip movements; Femur External Rotation and Flexion.

We will begin by taking time to review bone-by-bone comparisons of each student, enjoying partner work to unveil how to test other practitioners and then applying our findings directly into a selection of key Standing, Folding & Meditation postures.

We will discover why certain students find postures effortless and why others face no progress or injury. We will further realise how to practice more safely, skilfully and wisely with our own inherent structures and learn principles and techniques to let go of practice habits and expectations, which over time will lead to inevitable injury.

Our last part of our workshop will incorporate a short but relevant Vinyasa class taught Functionally, now practically integrating our insights of experience and anatomical individuality

Afternoon Workshop: Opportunities and Limits of our Shoulders

In the second 2. 5 hour workshop we will now illuminate the anatomy of the shoulder and relate its anatomy directly to the postures that are significantly influenced by this joint.
Systematically we will use hands on techniques to test for its complex range of motion and then understand further the correct energetic engagement for inversion postures.
We will then select Backbends and Arm balances as pose archetypes to guide our structural analysis, which will build our awareness for practicing with greater anatomical knowledge and safely.
Our last section will comprise of a mini Vinyasa practice taught Functionally, and will include the day’s Inversion postures now taught experientially, paying attention to accommodate the different structural circumstances of each individual student.

How to Book

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