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Cacao Ceremony

A journey to the heart



Carlos Mundalah

November 21, 2019 8:30 pm - November 21, 2019 10:30 pm

yoga soul, 49a Newton Street, M1 1FT

The cacao ceremony has the intention of accompanying the participants through a personal process, one which can be light and ephimeral or profound and transformational. The context creates the experience. It’s done in a circle, everyone drinking the same therapeutical dose of pure cacao (the traditional recipe: A little bit of chili for a better absorption of theobromine and optional honey). We focus on the breathing and the mindstate during the 2 hours that theobromine has the most effect, while a meditation is guided to work on the personal intention. Live music helps to become sensitive and transport us to the inside. That way we can observe what we need to heal, connecting us with nature and our own potential as unique human beings.

Cacao Ceremony Overview

At the beggining each participant recieves an energetic cleanse with copal and other healing plants. A rapé blowing is offered optionally, it’s a traditional medicine preparation made out of tobacco and other ashes of plants and barks. It’s function, among others, is to free and clean the sinuses and clear the mind. During the ceremony other essences are used to continue cleansing the space. Medicine songs from different traditions are chanted some which everyone can join their voice. Through this process, we enter a sensitive conscious state, in which we are available to transform experiences of pain, solitude, abandonment, resentment and others that we put our intention into.  We can then achieve gratitude through forgiveness. Our true essence acts through the purity of love, acceptance and compassion. Cacao reminds us this.

It is adviced not to take stimulants or depressives during the day (alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco, etc.) at least 24 hours before, and preferably not ingesting food 4 hours before. Bring your intention and comfortable clothes to sit down. If you can, bring a personal tea light/candle. Be well hydrated during the day and after the ceremony.

About Carlos

-Musician, Producer and SoundHealer. Nada Yoga200hr. Biomedical Engineer. Aztec Dancer.
-11 years studying and practicing Traditional Mexican Medicine/Shamanism and researching other traditions.
-Initiated in different meditations (Pragmatic, Ishaya, Vipassana, Tantric, Dynamic and Taoist).
-Co-founder of Holistic Center Casa Semilla (“Seed house”, since 2010).
-4 years guiding over 80 cacao ceremonies in Mexico, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal and UK.

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