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Gut Wellness Afternoon

Empowering you to find a healthy gut

Gut Wellness


Rachel Cruickshank

May 2, 2020 1:00 pm - May 2, 2020 3:00 pm

yoga soul, 49a Newton Street, Manchester, M1 1FT

The Gut Wellness Afternoon is a focused workshop, aiming to start a conversation, to enable education and empowering you to find a healthy gut. Rachel is a nutritional therapist and yoga teacher and will give you the tools to understand your gut, how it affects the whole body and what we can do to give it a boost.

This whole afternoon will be aimed at nourishing body, mind and soul. We will look what might be causing poor digestive and what we can do to improve digestion. We will also look at how the gut connects to the whole body and is really the foundation of all health.

Workshop Overview

Rachel will give you information to help you understand your body more as well as practical advice on how you can give your gut a boost to help balance energy, hormones, stress and so much more.


This will be followed by a one-hour yoga practice, focused on stimulating and supporting the digestive system. The many parts of the physical and emotional body are all deeply intertwined and connected and you will leave feeling nourished and nurtured with crucial nutritional and lifestyle advice to helping your vitality every single day.

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