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Teacher Training Weekend Immersion

A chance to learn more about teacher training courses




Sophie-Rae Samuel Nwokeka

March 5, 2021 5:00 pm - March 7, 2021 4:00 pm

yoga soul, 49a Newton Street, M1 1FT

Have you been interested in becoming a Yoga Teacher or deepening your own yoga practice? If so, maybe you are considering exploring a Foundational Yoga Teacher Training – maybe you already know about Yoga Soul’s 250 hour TTC but have more questions before committing to the course? Or maybe you are curious about what to expect from a TTC.
Well we have just the offering for you…


We have carefully curated a weekend immersion for you, that will give you a taste of what our teacher training programme has to offer and what it will feel like to be a part of. Over the course of the weekend you will come to understand what to expect from a full-length training course that immerses you in the practice of yoga. We will give you a taster of what’s to come, whilst still enabling you to gain some learning and experience in a variety of topics, insights and structure.

This is a perfect chance to get to know your intention of embarking on a TTC and to give you the confidence and courage to do something amazing for yourself.

What to expect

The weekend will cover:
  • Yoga philosophy: There will be two lectures on two of the main topics in yoga philosophy. We get to explore why we practice, where the practice comes from and what it is that we are truly practicing.
  • Methodology: There will be a workshop on teaching methodology, what it is like to think about delivering and creating classes. We will be putting you in the ‘teachers’ shoes to start to get a feel how it might feel in that position.
  • Mantra lounge: Bhakti yoga is a big part of the practice, devoting your practice to others, we will have a workshop around Sanskrit pronunciation as well as a mantra lounge.
  • Satsang – there will be two group discussions, one in the Friday evening and one on the Sunday, to ensure that you are not left with any outstanding questions

Dates & Prices

Friday 5th March – 5-9pm

Saturday 6th March – 9-5

Sunday 7th March  – 8-4


Early bird (available until 31st January 2021) – £170

Full Price (All bookings from 1st February 2021) – £220

The price of the above is redeemable against the TTC should you book a space

How to Book

To book a workshop or event, select your event from the schedule below and then click “Sign Up”.