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Yin Yoga: A Functional Approach to Teaching Vinyasa Yoga

An in depth look at lower body anatomy through yin yoga

Yin Yoga:

A Functional

Approach to Teaching

Vinyasa Yoga 

Jamie Clarke

September 24, 2021 9:00 am - September 26, 2021 6:00 pm

yoga soul, 49a Newton Street, Manchester, M1 1FT

One of the great aspects of the Yin practice is that it gives us a beautiful experiential understanding of how our practice differs depending on our unique bones and skeleton. 

In this course we will go beyond the Yin practice and delve deeply into our anatomy possibilities, identifying exactly how all these differences play out within our Vinyasa postures and thus affect our daily dynamic yoga experience. 

Course Overview

This course will be for current teachers and yoga students who have a committed yoga practice. It will cover in detail The Lower Body as a Focus with minor upper body illustrations for further understanding where appropriate. This course is a 25hours Yoga Alliance Certified Course

In the mornings, we will be dipping into the of the Yin practice, with an experiential understanding of how it applies to each of our unique tissues and body structure, relating to the laws of ‘Tension and Compression’. 

As a platform, we will then ground with a 14, 10, 7 theoretical anatomical framework, which will give us a structure map to contextualise our experiential findings which will follow.

From here, we will be analysing our joints and bones, one by one, next to each other in exhaustive ‘Range of Motion’ comparisons. This will give contrasting insights of our individual skeletal variation; which will provide the foundation towards a ‘functional’ practicing and teaching approach. 

In the afternoons, the Functional Teaching methodology relating to a target area approach, will be developed.

Students will be guided to take the structural knowledge learned in the R.O.M. testing and now apply it to the postures of the Vinyasa practice. Students will now gain break through insights as to why Vinyasa postures are performed differently and are appropriate in different ways for each individual body. Archetypal Lower Body postures relating to ‘tension and compression’, effectiveness and safety will be explored, as students answer, aspects of why poses are available and safe in set formats for only certain ’types’ of students. 

Skills of ‘functional adjusting’, intelligent use of props and how to work with ‘difficult bodies’, as a practitioner or as a teacher will be analysed. 

We will further look at how our language can be adjusted to support effective teaching as now a deeper appreciation of the differences of an individual experience can be now accommodating in real-time in a teaching setting.

To close the day, we students will taken through a short functional Vinyasa practice, where they can appreciate how skilful functional teaching and nuanced experience can be brought together seamlessly and effectively for all practitioners. 

In conclusion students will be equipped and guided to refine their own practice and teaching approach towards a more skilful and effective approaches and outcomes. Eureka moments of realization, as to why not all students look the same and why certain students are vulnerable for injury or ineffective practicing will become clear. 

Benefits of the course

  • Proficiency and appreciation of Yin Yoga as a practice and as a method to understand skeletal variation
  • Proficiency in Lower Body range of motion comparisons and testing methods
  • Proficiency in the Theoretical Anatomy Framework 14-10-7, as a structured approach to understanding Yoga asana
  • Proficiency in understanding and insights  and realisations as to different practitioner experience related to individual anatomy differences. 
  • Proficiency in Functional Teaching Methodology for Vinyasa Yoga
  • Proficiency in applying skeletal knowledge to Vinyasa Yoga Postures
  • Proficiency in teaching Vinyasa Yoga grounded in a functional method
  • Proficiency in utilising functional tools and techniques including adjusting and language, as part an individualised approach to Vinyasa yoga

A Typical Day

9:00 — 9:15:     Meditation / Pranayama
9:15 — 11:00:   Functional Yin Practice
11:00 – 11:30:   Theoretical Anatomy Analysis

11:30 – 12:30:   Applied Anatomy Analysis
12:30 — 1:30:   Lunch

1:30 — 2.30:      Applied Anatomy Review & Functional Teaching Methodology

2:30 – 3:30:       Vinyasa Anatomy Laboratory

3:30 – 4:30   Functional Methods and Language
4:30—5:00   Short Functional Vinyasa Practice

Details & Prices


Friday 24th September – Sunday 26th September


Early bird: £400 – If deposit is paid by the 31st of August

Non-Early Bird – £500


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