ZAAZEE Adapting to Lockdown – Power of connection


This year has been one of the strangest on record. Who ever thought the country and would would be gripped by a pandemic?

Hopefully all your family and friends can get through this. Keeping spirits up has been hard, which is why it’s so important to stay fit & active, especially with some of the gorgeous weather we’ve had.

We caught up with ZAAZEE founder Deborah Todd, who has been juggling family life along with running the business, to see how things have been going in M4.

ZAAZEE in lockdown

Fitness and online has been really busy since the beginning of lockdown. I’m so pleased people have been taking up running and other outdoor forms of exercise.

One hour a day being active is actually really useful if you’re working at home, it’s so easy to sit around and put your feet up.

Simple things like taking the kids to school if you walk etc like we do, is a good 3k steps, but when you aren’t doing it, it’s easy to get nowhere near 10k steps a day.

Yoga Soul & ZAAZEE – City style

As lockdown began to ease, ZAAZEE started to work with Yoga Soul our yoga neighbours on Newton Street. I’m a huge fan after wanting to do more stretch and meditation to help combat stress.

I joined Yoga Soul in January after a friend suggested their classes. I tried the 30 days for £30 and went several times before lockdown to get to know the instructors a little better. Being so close to home and knowing other members made the enjoyment factor all the better.

Deborah and Samuel (co-founder of yoga soul) bonded over their passion for wellness, community and supporting local business.

We started to host morning rooftop yoga sessions (when the weather allows) with yoga souls amazing teachers. As we are in times as uncertain as Manchester weather, we saw an opportunity to bridge that gap between getting back to the studio and practicing with people again.

Rooftop classes have been amazing, and created an even stronger bond between ZAAZEE and yoga soul.

The future of rooftop classes

The power of community and connection has brought about these classes, and whilst the weather is good enough to run them both ZAAZEE and yoga soul will work together to offer them.

You can keep up to date with classes by following @zaazee_activewear on instagram.

As well as the yoga soul timetable page.. but you have to be quick as spaces go FAST.


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