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Yoga with Lucy Pope

Meet Lucy

Lucy practiced yoga on and off since her early twenties but never really stuck with it. Trying to follow an instructional video or DVD, she was never sure if she was doing it right. Then she found Vinyasa Yoga, fast paced, music with a beat, and a welcoming teacher. She immediately loved it. At first it was just exercise, a hard workout that made her sweat.

She didn’t mind the lying down bit at the end because she was tired by then, couldn’t relax during it, mind would still be racing thinking about what she had to do later. The idea that there was a “mind body spirit connection” was an abstract concept until she started crying in the lying down bit at the end and thought “huh, something a bit more to this than just exercise isn’t there?” and that led her on the journey to the point where she is at now.




Lucy's teaching style

Drawing from her background as a mental health social worked and Approved Mental Health Professional, Lucy places a strong emphasis on mentall well-being. She’s here to guide you towards a holistic healing and support you every step of the way. Her classes will also leave you feeling energised and revitalised.