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Yoga with Danny Solomon

Strong but grounding classes with Danny

Meet Danny


Danny has been teaching yoga for 5 years.  He trained as an Ashtanga and Rocket teacher with The Yoga People in Goa. He even married his wife, Fiona, whilst on the Teacher Training course!  

Most of his classes are inspired by The Rocket, and can be described as ‘power yoga’, with an emphasis on core strengthening and inversions.

Though his classes sound challenging, all levels are welcome, as modifications are offered, making the practice accessible to all. Danny is also an actor and runs his own theatre company, ‘Elysium’.

Danny's Teaching Style

Danny’s style is influenced by Larry Schultz and the Rocket system. He brings a sense of grounding throughout his classes, which leaves students at ease in his presence.

Danny also teaches our Foundation yoga classes, drawing on his years of experience to guide students through every part of their journey.