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Yoga with Rosie Edmonds

Learn to focus inwards with Rosie

Meet Rosie


My yoga journey began when I moved to Manchester in 2016, where I found great difficultly adjusting to a new city. I always used running as a way to let go, but it didn’t seem enough anymore; I needed something that would help mentally, too. Quickly I became totally engrossed in the practice of yoga, it gave me a deep focus, that I had never experienced before, along with a great sense of awareness and love for myself.

Rosie's Teaching Style

Through my teaching, I aim to help students focus less on pleasing others and instead, take this focus inwards, to themselves. Together we will flow through strong, fluid, creative sequences built around how it feels for the individual, using our breath as a tool to move expressively, with clarity and grace. Ultimately, through this Vinyasa practice, students will discover possibilities within their mind and body they didn’t know existed, which over time, leads to a great deal of self awareness and compassion. With this self love, we can then focus on spreading love out into the world. 

Rosie's Schedule