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Yoga with Sophie

Let Sophie raise your awareness



For Sophie-Rae, yoga is a practice of deep connection, understanding and awareness. Like most, Sophie-Rae really found her pathway into yoga at a time when she needed it the most and it was then that she began to practice Jivamukti Yoga.

Through strong physical asana and spiritual teachings, Sophie-Rae found that her yoga practice began to be a place of inner sanctuary; providing space to look within and observe what’s already there, enabling not only more space in both body and mind but also a place to move towards becoming a more conscious, calm and considered human being.

Sophie-Rae has studied with Jivamukti Yoga and The Yoga People and incorporates all of knowledge and wisdom that she has gained from her teachers within her classes.

Sophie's Teaching Style

Sophie-Rae’s classes will provide a strong vinyasa practice, a slow and nourishing breath and teachings of both yoga philosophy and elemental patterning. She encourages play, space and stillness.
For her, yoga is not just about the physical Asana, it’s about what is at play on the internal and the subtleties of how and why we are practicing. Sophie will create space to allow you to explore these teachings of yoga in whichever way is available to you.

Sophie's Schedule