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Terms and Conditions

Please read our T&C's carefully

yoga soul

Terms and Conditions

Yoga In Manchester Ltd takes security and the privacy of your customers and our community very seriously.

Yoga in Manchester Limited is responsible for your personal data (referred to as YogaSoul “we”, “us” or “our” in this privacy notice)

creating an account with us

By registering with us you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, by the Privacy Policy and to the Studio Etiquette.

You need to be over 16 years of age to register.

Those under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, when using the studio. All clients are required to complete an application form including contact and medical details. Your details will be treated with strict confidentiality and not sold to a third party.

Once we receive your application together with the appropriate payment you will be able to reserve and attend your classes. Please read carefully T&Cs specific to your chosen class pass option, including the cancelation policy.

Medical questionnaire will be required and if in doubt at any time, it is your sole responsibility to consult a medical practitioner and stop attending classes until you are satisfied that you are in good health and can perform the exercises safely. We cannot take any responsibility for any injury that you may sustain as a result of participating in a class at the studio except where such injury has occurred through our proven negligence. Please inform your teacher about any changes to your medical condition.

booking classes and workshops

If you booked a class, but can no longer attend, you must cancel the class. The easiest way to cancel is via your account on Momence app.

Class cancellation policy is 1.5 hours. If you do not cancel prior to this time (Late Cancel), one credit from your class pack, or your drop-in credit will be taken. There is no additional charge. If you are an on an unlimited membership there will be a £5 late cancellation fee taken from the card on your account.

‘Early cancel’ (up to 1.5 hours before class) will put the class credit back on your account.

If for some reason the scheduled class gets cancelled by the studio, a credit on account or refund will be offered.

Please allow enough time to arrive before the class starts.

If this is your first visit at the studio, please allow extra time for registration. If you arrive 5 minutes late, you will not be allowed to enter the class and your booked slot might be given away to another yogi, even if you pre-booked the session.

class pass options

We offer a range of different class pass packages.

Drop-in classes, class packs, workshops, unlimited and year-long passes purchased at the studio or online are non-refundable.

5 class pack – 3 month expiry

10 class pack – 4 month expiry

Unlimited monthly memberships are paid as monthly subscription via standing order. It’s a monthly rolling contract and we require 3 months commiment.

Your membership is not transferable to anyone else. If you would like to stop your membership please notify us with one month’s notice by sending an email to

Our Intro Offer is open to new clients and only available to take up once, it is valid for 21 consecutive days and once started it cannot be interrupted.

studio etiquette

All mats and props are provided. Please help us keep them clean by wiping your mat after use. Spray bottles and wiping cloths are provided.

All students are responsible for their own belongings. All items left behind will be stored in ‘Lost & Found’. Items will be kept for one month and anything left unclaimed will be given to a charity.

Please make sure you use the changing rooms to lock your belongings and don’t leave your valuables and mobile phones in the studio area.

We hope you enjoy your time at yoga soul <3

Teacher Training T&C’s

Refund policy  

  • Only successful applicants will be invited to pay a deposit 50% of total price of the course
  • Only successful applicants will be invited to pay a £600 deposit for foundation training only to secure their place on the course. 
  • All deposits are non-refundable. 
  • Full payment is due 1 months before the start of the course 
  • If you apply within the 2 months of the course starting, full payment is due at the time of booking


Notice of Cancellation 

  • In the event that yoga soul cancels the training, all money paid will be refunded. 
  • If a student wishes to cancel their place they must give yoga soul written notice via email: 
  • If applicant cancels less than 2 months before the start date, 100% of the deposit will be retained by yoga soul, it is at their discretion in regards to other moneys paid as to whether and refunds are available or money is transferrable to another course.
  • If the applicant cancels more than 2 months before the start date it yoga soul reserves the right to keep 100% of deposit, however it is at their discretion that if a replacement is found a refund of 50% of the deposit would be available. All other money paid will be refunded.
  • The program will not give any refunds or credits after the training starts.  


Bad conduct 

  • If a student is asked to leave due to violation of the code of conduct, harassment, bullying or any other behaviour that is inappropriate or disruptive to the welfare of the program or to fellow students no refunds will be given.
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