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Cacao Ceremony

A journey to the heart

Cacao Ceremony

Carlos Mundalah

July 10, 2021 7:00 pm - July 10, 2021 10:00 pm

yoga soul, 49a Newton Street, Manchester, M1 1FT

The Cacao ceremony is a sacred space dedicated to opening the heart and embracing living forgiveness.

Based on ancient Mexican ritual and medicine music, the circle is cleansed and empowered with a harmonious intention, meditative visualisation and healing herbs.

Rapé medicine is offered optionally before the session.


The cacao ceremony has the intention of accompanying the participants through a personal process, one which can be light and ephimeral or profound and transformational. The context creates the experience. It’s done in a circle, everyone drinking the same therapeutical dose of pure cacao (the traditional recipe:

A little bit of chili for a better absorption of theobromine and optional honey). We focus on the breathing and the mindstate during the 2 hours that theobromine has the most effect, while a meditation is guided to work on the personal intention.

Live music helps to become sensitive and transport us to the inside. That way we can observe what we need to heal, connecting us with nature and our own potential as unique human beings.

Important infortmation


*Do a light diet (avoid stimulants, dairy, meat, salt and sugar) that day and 3-4 hours before only have water or fruit.

*Be well hydrated before and after.

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